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Atlantic Tripletail Cutlet | 黑皂鱼肉
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Atlantic Tripletail Cutlet
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  • Product are randomly packed,  MEAT / TAIL or BELLY is included
  • SERVE CAREFULLY, it may contain BONES.
  • 随机包装,可能包含鱼肉 / 鱼尾 鱼腩
  • 鱼肉含有鱼骨,请小心食用
鱼肉洁白紧实、刺少肉多,口感也很好,适合多种煮法如: 清蒸、咖喱、香煎、炒豆瓣酱等等~
Tripletail fish is delicious, with a sweet, mildly fishy, delicate flavor. The taste of tripletail fish is similar to grouper or red snapper in both flavor and texture, but with a much dense profile. The meat is firm and flakey.
Best prepared steamed, sautéed, curry or baked with minimal seasoning,

Origin/产地:Sekinchan 适耕庄
Wild Caught 野生捕捞
First-hand Local Wild Seafood 第一手本地海鲜
Individual vacuum packing 独立真空包装
100% Preservatives Free 100% 无防腐剂