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Hometaste Chili Shrimp | 家乡辣椒虾 【300g】
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Storage Guidelines: 

Freezer storage for up to 2 months.Best consume within 30 days

Cooking & Preparation:

Pan fry or microwave

*Pictures are only for illustration purposes.

烹饪方法Cooking Instruction:

1. 沸水煮 Water Boil:
- 把水倒入锅, 煮沸
Boil enough water in a pot

- 把包装放入锅里
 Put chili shimp pack into pot

- 在沸水中煮 15-20 分钟即可
Boil for 15-20 minutes

2. 微波加热 Microwave reheat:
- 把辣椒虾倒入盘子
 Pour chili shrimp in a plate

- 微波加热 10-15 分钟即可
 Reheat for 10-15 minutes