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Homemade Pulut Panggang | 糯米虾米卷 【6pcs/pack】
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enlightened解冻后,蒸煮大约5-10 分钟即可食用
     Defrost and steam about 5 - 10 minutes.


  • 无添加防腐剂 No added preservatives

  • 保存方法 Preservation method:冷藏保存 Keep in chiller 

  • 建议1个月内食用 Best to consume within 1 month

Pulut panggang is made with glutinous riceRich and aromatic Pulut Panggang are filled with hae bee hiam (dried shrimp sambal/sambal hebi) and then wrapped in banana leaves and then grill to impart that nice aroma from the banana leaves.

糯米虾米卷是用糯米制成的,浓郁芳香的糯米虾米卷里面充满了 Hae Bee Hiam(干虾参巴),用香蕉叶包裹着,然后碳火烧烤,以散发出香蕉叶的香气。

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