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Tonguefish | Ikan Lidah | 鞋底鱼 (A) 【1kg+-/pack】
Price RM29.00
Product SKU DH4008
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  • Packing : 5 - 6 pcs / kg
龙舌鱼, 也被称为鞋底鱼,肉质细腻,滋味鲜甜,肉多而无刺,无腥味和异味,营养丰富,富含蛋白质。适合香煎,蒸,半煎煮, 等等。
Tongue fish has soft and tender fleshy, taste delicious, fleshy without thorns, no fishy smell. It also contain high nutritional value and rich in protein.
Cooking method fry, steamed, pan fried with soy sauce, etc


Origin/产地:Sekinchan 适耕庄
Wild Caught 野生捕捞
First-hand Local Wild Seafood 第一手本地海鲜
Descaled & Gutted 去鳞、去内脏
Individual vacuum packing 独立真空包装
100% Preservatives Free 100% 无防腐