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Mantis Shrimp Meat | Isi Udang Lipan| 虾姑肉 【450g+-/pack】
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enlightenedTips for fried mantis shrimp:
Naturally defrost together with the packaging bag, drain the water after defrost, Rest for 10 minutes, wrap it with corn flour, heat the oil to 180°C  before put in, fry until golden brown, (Pay attention to the oil temperature,Needs to be above 180°C ). Otherwise, the shrimp meat will be easily broken.

Never put the meat in water for washing. Mantis shrimp meat is not suitable for steaming or put in-boiled water directly, which will loss the meat .

常见烹调方法:咸蛋奶油, 宫保, 麦片, 甘香等等
The meat is sweet and tender, rich in protein
It can be served salted egg, Kungpo, cereal, Kam Heong, etc


Origin/产地:Sekinchan 适耕庄
Wild Caught 野生捕捞
First-hand Local Wild Seafood 第一手本地海鲜
Descaled & Gutted 去鳞、去内脏
Individual vacuum packing 独立真空包装
100% Preservatives Free 100% 无防腐