[Delivery Fee] KL & SELANGOR RM20 ; Outstation RM35/box ; Singapore RM90/box
【W.M FREE DELIVERY】 : KL & SELANGOR Order above RM250 ; Outstation Order above RM400
Return & Refund Policy


消费者必须在收到货物时检查,若出现产品缺失, 消费者需要在接收后24小时内告知我们的客服人员。另外,如果购买的海鲜出现任何质量上的问题,请提供该产品的照片视频以及单据作为证据,我们将根据情况给予足够的补偿。

若消费者不根据以上的条例进行,Hai Seng Huat有权利拒绝任何退款或换货的要求。

**所有退款金额将储入消费者账号,并用于 www.haisenghuat.com

All goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, we will not refund the purchase price in the situation where consumer have changed his/her mind or otherwise no longer wish to proceed with the transaction once complete payment.

Consumers are required to inspect the goods upon received. In the event of missed item or received wrong order.Kindly contact us within 24 hours of delivery. If there is any quality issue , kindly provide us with photo and video as evidence and also the paper invoice that attached to your order.Should there be any quality issue, we will make adequate compensation according to the situation. Otherwise Hai Seng Huat reserves the right to reject any refund or exchange requirement.

**Please noted that all refunds will be credited to consumer’s account, to be used on www.haisenghuat.com