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Anchovy Powder | 江鱼仔粉【100g】1
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Preservation method :  
- Do not expose to high temperature and humidity.
- Use a clean spoon, seal and refrigerate to ensure the freshness of the food.
- Frozen storage for 1 year.

- 勿置于高温潮湿处
- 请使用干净的匙提取、密封并冷藏保存才能确保食品鲜美度
- 冷冻保藏1年

Anchovy Powder
• Fresh and high quality anchovy from the island.
• 100% natural and non-processed
• Nutritional ingredients have been tested in the laboratory
• Can be added to your baby's complementary food to increase nutrient absorption.

Uses: Baby food (stir with porridge / boil with porridge), steamed dish, soup, fried rice, cooking, stewing, meat seasoning, noodle making, all kinds of cooking. 

The pure food powder may precipitate after soups are cooled, which is normal. Because it's made from 100% raw materials and does not contain any instant ingredients. We recommends heating the soup before eating.

• 100% 邦咯岛优质江鱼仔
• 100%纯优质原料研磨
• 无味素、无添加剂、无防腐剂、无盐、不是味精调味料
• 用途:宝宝辅食品(熬粥/拌粥)、蒸式菜色、熬汤、炒饭炒菜、蒸煮、焖炖、肉馅调料、面条制作、各式烹调等。
• 它不是味精,它为您的菜肴增添营养,提味鲜香。
• 本产品已完成食品化验认证


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